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  • Content Creation / Registration
  • Content Management
  • Distribution / publishing

Lectures, presentations, can easily make, take advantage of the registration data of documents, images, social media and more.

  • Images, documents, upload photos, social media resources Register I made a video, documents, photos, social media data directly publish / share, or you can use them to create content.
  • Register to create your own content You can take advantage of the authoring tool to create content for a lecture or presentation data and video synchronous recording or video / screen recording method.
  • Presenting data and share Utilizing the generated link to the shared content have registered, you can share it by registered post in a variety of positions and leverage.

Lectures, take advantage of making the data easily by registering the presentation content, documents, video, social media and more.

  • Lecture content creation Content taken directly from the river or on-site, you can easily create content in the laboratory.
  • Student presentation / presentation Produced by the students of the announced projects submitted online or can be included in a variety of learning activities Content.
  • Teaching / learning materials library That can be used to study materials or you can take advantage of the lecture content to the Media Library screen.
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